Thursday, July 14, 2011

Window Treatment With Window Draperies

Is your window too much a problem? Should you really think so? Is that even your own? But no, it is your home. And even if it's not, you so choose to stay in that room. You get to greet that window every time. No matter how you may wanted it to look is all up to you. Window treatment is by far for people to embrace. These four must have scenario should change your views of your windows.

Treating a short one

Rod positioned way above your window top. You now must have a view to a long window. A few inches is your ceiling. Valance of many sorts should be in placed where its lowest end stays just right above the window top. You must have a view of the window looking way higher.

Make it appear longer as well with the use of a drapery that goes to the floor with sheers covering the window area. The result would be a dramatic floor-to-ceiling window.

Treating a small one

Make sure to expand the area where you put your drapes in. Expanding to as far as how big you would imagine it to be. Result, an illusion of a larger window coming from that small casement. To do so, install your rod higher and wider than the window itself providing your much needed area for your draperies.

Following the installation of your rod, the chosen drapery should extend far enough through the wall to give that gigantic feel. Sheer cover over the small window should do well following the length of the draperies which stood a foot atop the floor.

If you want a more elegant look

No area remains the same with the right stuff. A mid century modern ranch living room for that matter can have its own elegance. This is pretty common when your décor in mind no longer much the architecture of your building. Invest on extra long drapes made of silk or velvet with a sheer or lace inset that goes way down to the floor to achieve that feel of elegance.

If you want a sleeker modern look

Make sure to treat your windows with draperies of sleek and clean lines. Simple sheer may do well for the treatment or even replace it with wooden blinds. Limit the use of draperies of solid colors with tabs or large grommets. A big no no are floral and prints.

What you have simply dictates the idea. What you must have transforms the same. And its not necessarily expensive. Armed with the right ideas, curtains and drapes you will have a beautiful window effect one that will change the way you ever see your windows again. For more of these window treament, window draperies in Olympia, Washington awaits your visit. By making a brief online search, you can check out what window draperies are perfect for you.

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