Friday, July 1, 2011

Channel Traffic To Your Online Store With These 2 Popular Shopping Cart Ways

To drive traffic to your internet store, links to your store should appear as high as possible on search site results pages. There are two techniques to get your shopping cart powered store on the first page of Google's results page. The first is through bidding for keywords via Adwords and the second is through Search engine optimization or SEO.

Pay For Traffic
Pay-per-click is naturally the faster way to get traffic to your internet site. The higher your bid for related keywords, the better the chance your ad stands on appearing on the first page. Everyone wants their advertisements to appear on the first page because that is where almost all of the traffic comes from.

The key to using Adwords is the diversity of related keywords used, for it's the search terms that triggers the impressions or ad displays on results pages. So be sure you have about 10 keywords per ad prepared per ad group.

You can generally target more competitive keywords through Adwords but having mentioned that, it relies on your budget as well .

Optimize Your internet site
SEO takes rather more time to get your store ranked high in organic search results but if you do it yourself, it is free. Many shopping cart application already come with inbuilt SEO tools to help you optimize your store for search sites. These tools are generally free and are convenient to use.

Search is driven by keywords. For SEO, longer tail keywords are typically targeted [*T]. It is frequently better to rank high up on Google's results pages with long tail keywords. When you've carried out correct keyword analysis, you need to populate elements of your store with those keywords. You need to cover all of the bases, from URL file names all of the way to content. This may be simply done with aid from your easy shopping cart software SEO tools.

You see, the brains at Google have created a complicated routine to research sites. Through a method known as Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI, Google is in a position to nearly work out what a site is about and reasonably match it to search questions. As a store owner, you would want to confirm Google has an accurate idea of what your store is all about so not only will you end up with traffic but highly targeted traffic.

Loading Times
Keywords aren't the only consideration Google looks at when it decides the correct way to rank your internet site. The time it requires your website or pages on your website to load also matters. Sites with slow load times could be punished by search sites. You can use free tools from companies like Alexa to see how your website fares in comparison the other sites on the net when it comes to loading speed.

If your website is below average re load times then you could have to optimize your site's elements like photographs and animation. These elements can seriously affect loading times.

Flash Content
Also, be certain your internet site is not one hundred pc flash based as it does nothing to improve SEO because search sites cannot read content in flash format. If search engines can't read your content, they will not be able to tell what your website is all about and so they're going to be unable to give it due authority for your designated keywords. When that happens, your website may not be ranked high and will miss plenty of traffic. As an alternative, try to use built-in shopping cart features like content sliders for photographs together with conventional HTML format for content.

To sum up :
  • Use flash sparingly as search engines cannot read flash content
  • Use SEO to target longer tail keywords
  • Make sure your site does not take too long to load



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