Monday, July 4, 2011

Ways To Avoid An Affiliate Marketing Program That Does Not Fit Your Needs

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money, but there are a few pitfalls you must avoid. An item may be extremely popular, but is it ultimately the correct product for you to sell? Contrary to what most people believe, the greatest success comes from having confidence in a product. The passion itself creates energy and drive, and these are factors that your potential customers will tune in to. Either you have it - or you don't.

Problems arise when the affiliate marketer tries to join too many programs at once. You could be thinking about of creating many different sources of income, but the numbers in the income column never materialize. It just becomes extremely difficult to focus on too many directions simultaneously. Stay with one product that pays at least a 40% commission and then give the program your undivided attention. If you cannot succeed with that program the chances of making multiple programs profitable are quite remote.

Make it a point to find out how the merchant will pay you, and how often the merchant will pay you. Also, find out how the merchant is going to charge customers for the product. You don't want your referrals to be lost because of customer payments that don't get matched to your affiliate ID. Unfortunately, some merchants may choose not to reveal the information you need.

So once you've determined you can drive visitors to a product using niche research programs like James Jones' Micro Niche Finder what do you do? The mistake that a lot of affiliates frequently make is they don't familiarize themselves with the product. This means that you will not be able to convey the message successfully without first-hand knowledge. A great way to identify the best products is to buy the product before join the affiliate program. However, keep your expenses to a minimum or you'll be wasting your income on products or services you have no use for.

Understand vendor's customer service and return policy. If it is not good enough, you could be spinning your wheels by referring valuable customers. Probably the most valuable thing to check is the relationship between the merchant and its affiliate marketers. If you're not getting answers to your questions in a timely and in-depth fashion, it may be time to join a different program.


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