Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google+ Numbers - Zuckerberg Forward Of Page And Sergey Brin

It is true even if it sounds strange. Mark Zuckerberg ranked first in the Google plus statistics stating most followed person on Google+ social networking site developed by Google. The owners of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page are following him. According to the new statistics generated by Google, Page and Brin are on second and third position respectively followed by the developer of Google plus, Vic Gundotra.

The Facebook CEO has done something very different by testing the rival project which has became news in the world of internet. Around twenty one thousand people around the globe are following the rival’s page just in the testing phase of the new Google social networking site. Fifteen thousand followers are following the Google CEO Larry Page. The last updations on the statistics was done on Tuesday morning and immediately it became the breaking news in the social networking site war. It is embarrassing, though it looks very funny to the Google's social media that a competing CEO is more popular than the owners of the upcoming social media website of Google.

The news came out from Tech crunch, which was developed from the company who developed Twitter counter who looks at the popularity of famous people on Micro blogging site, Twitter. Tech crunch is keeping the complete track on the popularity between the social media network rivals, which itself is news.
The popularity of Facebook can affect the upcoming social media network Google plus, which is not at all surprising that Zuckerberg getting massive coverage over the web. This can create real interest in the users of social media network about the Google plus site as well as changes can be expected in Facebook looking at the Google plus appearance and features against the looks and features of Facebook, which is the world’s most famous social media net+working site.

The popularity of Mark Zuckerberg is reaching new highs of success with interview on famous television shows and becoming the Time magazine's person of the year. All the success is overlapping with the success of the Academy award winning film, The Social Network that is completely based on the origin of famous social media network website, Facebook. Billion of people around the globe applauded the film that gained a huge success.

Currently, Google plus is in the testing phase, but it is expected to get released soon and will be allowed to get registered on the Google plus site. The changes are currently taking place after getting reviews on current version of the website. The popularity of the website should not get harm due to any loop-hole as per the creator of Google plus.

Will Google plus get closed without getting enough fame as compared to Facebook or will Google plus be the successor of Facebook, is the question asked by media? Google is trying to increase its popularity with the help of the most effective SEO technique, through entering the social media network. London SEO company provides complete support in computer repair, Web design and SEO services.


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