Friday, May 13, 2011

Highly Effective And Established Strategies To Increase Squeeze Page Conversions

Gain Impressive Conversion Percentages For Your Squeeze Page

When you are building an email list, locating excellent traffic and then having a squeeze page that actually makes good conversions are your two biggest challenges. There are many aspects of this overall process that will each contribute to your success. No matter what you are doing online, the most important factor is to ensure you are driving highly targeted visitors to your offers. Your list building campaigns will be misfiring and functioning at a high grade of inefficiency. Once you have fantastic traffic sources, after that your squeeze page has to do the rest. This article will cover just some of the things you really ought to do if you want to obtain the most from your list generating efforts.

The most vital steps you can take on any new squeeze page, or site for instance, is to test and optimize for the maximum conversions. But appreciate that there is nothing tricky about this procedure, and you really need to do it. All you will be doing is testing one thing at a time, and one does this by rotating the page with a straightforward script called a URL rotator. Ensure you have a reasonable tracking script ready so you can record impressions and clicks. The most crucial area of your squeeze page is the heading, so be certain to test that first. What you will do is systematically move from one element to the next and optimize. So you can see how simple this is, but it is very powerful because you can get the best conversions you possibly can with it.

Of course you know that you must provide something in exchange for their contact information. This is the magnet that will attract people to it on the page and hopefully compel them to optin. This offering cannot fail to be perceived as giving something of very high value to your audience. As an example, if you are in the insurance industry providing auto insurance quotes or car insurance quotes, come up with something useful or beneficial involving savings on car repairs and maintenance or accessories with the intention to incentivize drivers to opt-in to your subscriber list. You can offer them a video, an ebook, a whitepaper or any combination that truly answers some questions they want to have answered. Do something different with it so they will not think they can easily find the information for free on the net. Tell them what it will do for them in whatever terms you think will have an appeal. You can furthermore help your conversions by using an image that also has the energy of your offer.

Moreover, you need to test your sign up box because it includes a few items that should be optimized. The little image where people click to submit their information has to be special. Never use what is provided to you by the service you decide upon your autoresponders. Be a little imaginative and think of something more attention getting for the image text. Modify it, do something unique with the button copy that will catch their awareness. However, do steer clear from using pulsating, bouncing or otherwise moving buttons that only are likely to create a relatively unprofessional perception.


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