Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Discover 3 Adwords Mistakes That You Can't Ignore

It's easy to totally flop with Google AdWords, and perhaps all the time the problem can be traced to commonly seen mistakes. That is why if you're going to do Adwords, you have to learn the ropes from a very credible source. Today we're going to discuss three dangerous Adwords mistakes that will do a number on your campaigns. These Adwords tips are very important when it comes to Internet marketing strategies.

Many AdWords advertisers, especially the ones with deep pockets, try to aim for the number 1 ad position for their selected keywords. Makes complete sense, we know; that highest positioned ad is seen by everyone - everyone. On the other hand, when you're dealing with human nature and behavior, then things are frequently not as they may seem. Many people see that #1 ad, and they are just compelled to click on it knowing full well they have no interest or intent to be a serious prospect. Most clicks on the number one ad are totally worthless, and it's just people sticking their noses somewhere.

People do things that make no good sense, and we don't spend time trying to figure out why they do it - they just do it. The CPC for that number spot isn't cheap in most niches, and it's ridiculous to pay for it, we think. Try to arrange it so you're lower in the pecking order, and we've found that the three or four spots can be sweet. That is where the prime spot really is simply due to the fact that the searchers who go that far down are not playing around. In addition to escaping the idiot clickers, you'll be paying much less for your clicks. So that is your strategy regarding position and CPC, and you can manipulate your bids to put you there.

You want to avoid establishing a high daily budget. If you're inexperienced you can easily lost a fair amount of money if you are not careful. You can elect to have your campaign run until you hit the daily limit, or you can spread it out more evenly.

But if there is enough traffic, and your budget is too high, then you certainly can max out very quickly. It won't take too long to figure out the dynamics of your particular market, but remember to proceed slowly and cautiously if you don't have a lot of experience.

Last but not the least; don't try to become too excited and anxious in the early stages. Avoid getting excited about your campaigns, either in a positive or negative way, and learn to look at them coldly and rationally at all times. The big mistake with newer PPC advertisers is they think that if they just spend money and get traffic, then their ads will start producing revenue. But the fact is that if their sites don't convert then they'll simply lose money with AdWords. It's always advisable to ramp-up at a slow pace, and then see how your main offer converts, and be sure to optimize your ads.

Lastly, If you desire a successful AdWords advertising career you must keep on top of your mistakes to avoid them in the future.


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