Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Get Powerful Testimonials For Your Product Right Now

Sales, optins or what ever you want to see happen will no doubt improve if you employ social proof which means testimonials. It is important to realize that not all testimonials are equal in effectiveness, but you do have some good options. Given below are a few ideas that will help you approach your customers and get valid testimonials.

If you look at a product like Build my Rank, you see that it has many truthful testimonials on their site. Together with the fact that every Build my Rank review recounts a positive experience, lets me know that people really do like it.

There is nothing as great as hearing from happy customers who want to let you know about it. Of course that is the ideal, and that generally does not happen too often for many internet marketers. So if you don't ask them, you probably won't get the feedback that you're looking for. You cannot ask for a testimonial, but you certainly can ask how they feel about your product. People like to be heard and help others, and you can tell them you are soliciting feedback for product improvement. The next step is to see how people will feel concerning turning that feedback into a testimonial. If you do this, and you really should, then in time you will begin accumulating some excellent testimonials. You do need to exercise some restraint and good manners when you go about doing this, though. Have you ever thought about a survey? The can work wonders and serve to help you in this process. Keep the survey simple and ask easy to answer questions that won't take much time to answer. One common question we often see is asking people if the product was helpful. This kind of approach will reveal what they are thinking about doing business with you. Remember that you must ask anyone if you can use their comments on your site.

Keep in mind that your testimonials and feedback must be relevant to what you are doing. No testimonial will have much effect if people cannot see themselves as they read them. People are predictable in many ways due to human nature and the way we all behave. So it is a simple matter of just getting relevant testimonials that people can identify with. This particular method has been used time and time again, and it really is quite effective.

You can accomplish your objectives with the help of excellent testimonials that are truthful, above all else.


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