Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Ensure that Affiliate Networks Approve Your Applications

Not long ago, getting into an affiliate network was just a matter of applying; now, it's a little harder. These networks, however, have gotten a lot stricter, and now they're extremely selective about who is approved. So how do you really go about getting accepted in an affiliate network? What, then, is the right way to apply? If you pay attention to the strategies we'll be covering in this article, you'll greatly increase your chances of acceptance.

Learn the Basics First: Don't even apply to affiliate networks until you're familiar with at least the simple terms and concepts of affiliate marketing. In other words, affiliate networks aren't really fond of accepting newbies as their affiliates, because after all, it's their business at stake. That's why it's essential that you understand the terms, concepts and tactics that are used in affiliate marketing; this information isn't hard to find online for free. Aside from having to fill out a form when you apply to a network, you may be interviewed on the phone as well. Manager at affiliate networks will want to see evidence that you understand the business before approving your application. The amount of knowledge you need isn't vast; if you read a few well written reports or articles on CPA marketing, this should suffice. Keep Trying Until You Succeed: Affiliate marketing takes a certain amount of effort and determination, and this starts off with the process of applying to networks. Not all affiliate networks will approve you. Like many things in life, we may wish it were different. There's no point in complaining about this, as it's just the way things are. Don't take rejection personally; when it happens, just move on. If you let it bother you every time you're not accepted, you won't get very far in this business. You just need to take it as a part of your learning process and apply again later on. Your goal should be to get into as many networks as possible, as this will give you a chance to profit from a greater number of offers. Just do your best to promote as many offers as possible, and apply to as many networks as you can.

You need to try and fill out the application form completely, without leaving any fields. If there is anything on the application that is a problem, you can call them or send an email which is fine. Remember this is all about looking as professional as possible, and that is very important to them. Some applications have optional fields, which you can skip, but if you want to increase the chances of your approval then ensure that you fill them out too. What you want them to think is you know what you are doing and are legitimate. If you are completely clueless, then they will probably be able to tell. If you learn how others are approved for CPA advertising, then you can just follow what they do and be fine.

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