Thursday, February 10, 2011

Suggestions To Improve Your Web Site by Scrutinizing How People Look For Your Site

Search engine optimization can be a great way to attract business to your website.

Search engine optimization experts usually look for the best way to find the words that most customers search for. For example, a customer wants to search for a law firm somewhere in Perth, Western Australia and you own one in there. Knowing whether potential clients are finding your site by using the term "Western Australian law firm" or "Perth, law firm" can affect how you optimize your site. If customers are finding your site using the former term, you may want to write more copy with the words "Western Australian law firm" in them. If by opposite customers are finding your website using the more local term "Perth law firm", then create more content covering local topics.

There are two methods used in web analytics programs: 1) log files are recorded information kept by your internet service provider which are analyzed 2) a snippet of Javascript that's implanted on your website's html code.

A simple web analytics program that shows you statistics about topics ranging from how many visitors your site attracts per day to the search engine terms people type into Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find your site costs $4-$20/month. These software programs can be found by typing "search engine analytics" into any search engine. More sophisticated web analytics programs, that show you more nuanced information such as how many repeat visitors you get per hour and how far they scroll down each page, range from $100-$3000/month.

Google analytics is a free analytics program which Perth SEO highly recommends for most websites and you can get it by searching for "google analytics". Signing up for a free Google analytics account and pasting a snippet of Javascript code into each page you want the program to analyze takes less than one minute.

You can cash in to invest in paid search engine terms/advertisements from Yahoo, Bing, and Google as soon as you have utilized a web analytics software to look for the type of search engine terms you're already getting. Having three visitors per day for the term "Perth law firm" can be a good illustration. Also, if Google advertisement cost for the keyword "Perth law firm is $.50 per click and Google perceives that 10 people type in that keyword term each day, you can then increase targeted traffic to your website for $5.00/day. If one in 10 visitors to your site becomes a client, you return on investment from search engine marketing could be more than 1000%. Even if only one in one hundred visitors to your site becomes a client, your return on investment could be more than 100%.

Having a web analytics program and its value is indisputable. The hard part is determining whether a free program such as Google Analytics suits your needs or you would be better served by a more expensive program ranging from $20-$3000. Affordable analytics programs displays information on how many visitor a site has attracted a day, the search engine keywords those visitors used, and how long those visitors browsed on the website. These web analytics programs usually satisfy the needs of most small business websites which only costs for $20-$3000. However, a larger site receiving thousands of visitors a day should consider the return on investment they might receive by obtaining more nuanced information about site visits. Either way, every small business's ability to optimize its sites will hinge on having a good web analytics program. Document: mcpmhk21


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