Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Website Themes And The Unneeded Thief

Consider, as an example, the particular story of the man who made a decision to cop himself a free website template.

This might seem like a ridiculous blunder to all of us, and surely it truly is. Nonetheless, don't forget the undeniable fact that way back in days past literacy was not confirmed, and also our bad guy - recognized only as Butcher Bob - hadn't unlocked the particular mystery of the written word.

So he cast ahead, understanding precisely how beneficial these kinds of sources can be. After all, internet encoding is a big business and a good web site can help even a well known thug like Bob settle down permanently. He thought he might make a windfall by using those to add charm to his weblog, that hadn’t drawn numerous viewers as a result of clumsy layout and also couple of beneficial features to maintain people coming back.

Butcher Bob knew simply where the totally free web themes were. The problem has been in reality getting to them, the thing is. It just happened them to be held in a pleasant small town known as Still Waters, which was also the house of the worst sheriff in the whole state.

“Whatever,” Butcher Bob thought, picturing that everybody was scared. Sure enough, the particular templates were unguarded, and he helped himself to a couple dozen and began to ride off. Just at that point, he saw someone up in a window, and he shot at the face, because he was beginning to feel a little squirrely. The shot missed, but it was sufficient to have the attention of The Sheriff, who was on Bob and his awesome crew in a heart beat.

He rode immediately after Bob and his team, who made the bad decision to shoot at him. The Sheriff smoothly popped the hats off of the three henchmen, dropping them off of their race horses and bringing them to a grisly end. He then caught Bob and brought him down roughly to the floor.

Bob was puzzled. “In case you was going to arrest me, why leave the particular templates unguarded?” The Sheriff shook his head while he tied Bob up to be taken to arrest. “Simply because, ya moron,” he said, “those were zero cost web themes, you didn’t have to rob them! In the event you hadn’t shot at that guy in the window, you’d be home free! I knew you couldn’t read and just didn’t want anyone to be hurt.” Don’t make the similar mistake as Bob, who ended up in the local jail for the rest of his days.


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