Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 Easy Approaches to Bump Your Traffic

3 Easy Methods to Bump Your Traffic

If there's one thing in internet marketing that can make it hard, it's driving traffic. For some reason, it's an elusive task that few are successful at. If you drive traffic, you are or shall be a millionaire very soon. If you be capable of control it, you have different.

So how in the world are people doing it? Would you like to understand? Well, I'm about to reveal to you a few tips that a lot of the major players use. My own advice: Become good at some them, but know how to do each.

If you are familiar by it, it shouldn't be hard to undertake so my best advice would be to practice and cultivate the ability. Tools such as the micro niche tool might help as an example.

Here are your tips for you to drive traffic:

1. By far the easiest way and the riskiest, is utilizing media buying. You can send a huge number of people to an offer if it converts, you will make lots of money. You really need to understand your metrics in case you are doing this.

2. JV/Mailing lists - This works especially well inside the IM niches where everyone is usually supplemental to everyone else. Possibly be heartfelt and genuine and you should not just send potential JV's an email. Try calling them and observing them. This will help get you started.

3. Creating killer content is another excellent strategy to drive traffic. Approach others inside your niche to give them this like a guest post. If it is usually written well and has great content, then it will undoubtedly be accepted. You can also submit this to article directory sites, turn it into powerpoints and submit to slideshare type web pages, turn it into pdf's and submit to scribd, then also you can make a video out involving it.

After reading this, pick the very first thing and master it. You'll be driving traffic like the pros quickly!


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