Saturday, October 1, 2011

Outsource Tasks The Effective Way Today

When you are writing a job spec for some out tasking work, it’s a good idea to include three unique virtual interview questions. What would be some relevant questions? I would start with: What else do you think we should do with this project to make it better? Obviously you can reword that any way you like, that’s the simplest form of it.

The project that they need to work on may involve a group of videos to be uploaded to YouTube. They could say, it is possible to upload them to or Traffic Geyser. It demonstrates their limitations when it comes to doing this task successfully. That is why you need to prepare these specific interview questions to know how these people are skilled to do these tasks for your online-based company.

You also have to take care of receiving spammed, massive bids. Ask a specific question to prevent this from happening.

Then the third one could be something along the lines of, have you done any work like this before? If so, please provide some examples. I always ask for the one they’re the most proud of.

An SEO services related job like this requires two different skill sets. The first one is communication skill and the other one is geared towards their technical skills. It’s about understanding the nature of the video-related task, do some screen capture and upload these to YouTube and TubeMogul among others.

So you might have two different roles for that. You could have one person who had the skill set of graphic design. I wouldn’t find the same person to upload to TubeMogul. You’re going to have trouble finding the same skill set. So many people get this wrong, people try to get one person to do everything. Impossible. You can’t do everything, why are you going to find someone in the Philippines for $4 an hour to do it? You’ve got to think about that. You want one person to do graphic design, out task that and out task over here to your video person who can do the uploading.

You may have a dedicated virtual assistant full-time in the outsourcing team that would do the uploading task regularly. So this person takes this, passes over here, this becomes your outsourcing process, the method that you turn out tasking into outsourcing by having a process that you follow regularly.

Once they do this, save that file inside a certain directory and it’s someone else’s job, every time there's a new file because directory to get this done, so they just monitor this online directory. That’s the way the whole process gets built in your company. You turn this out task into a continuous process by allowing them to answer these virtual interview questions in order to choose the most effective candidate.

There are three stuff you wish to look at in order to select the best applicant for that small business internet marketing job: First, the self selection method, that is why they need to answer these questions and get self selected into the bid. Then read their feedback, look at their online sample portfolio to pick the best candidates for the job.

It’s difficult to think that this individual is perfect if they didn’t answer these questions. How hard will it be to reply to these questions in the first place? Did that person do that job after fifteen drafts? You don’t discover how long it lasts for them to accomplish that job if they cannot communicate that well with you by answering those sample questions.

Send them virtual interview questions as soon as you can and let them answer these. Check if they take the time to respond this way but you’ve have got to continue with the self selection method first, then continue with the rest of the hiring process.


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