Saturday, October 1, 2011

Facebook Commerce Is Most Likely To Expand Because Of These 2 Likely Suggestions

These past 3 years, both mobile commerce as well as Facebook commerce have begun to draw a lot attention from the ecommerce community. There are plenty of research observations and figures available all over the internet. But though the figures are often the same, the views in regards to what they might mean differs among ecommerce specialists. Some caution about being too optimistic while others say that mobile commerce and social commerce, particularly Facebook commerce, is a natural ecommerce progression.

Mobile Commerce Expansion
Mobile commerce was meant to take off in a big style in 2009 nevertheless it didn't. The 2008 depression might have something to do with that. Nonetheless mobile commerce is still growing and it is predicted that 12% of all ecommerce transactions will go thru a mobile device by 2014.

Only one or two years ago, there were just a few smartphone models around and you could count the number to tablet models on one hand. Today, together with the iPhone, there are a numerous number of Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and Symbian based smartphones in the market. In the tablet world, there are presently about 85 tablet models to choose from.

The growth in the mobile gadget industry has led to the expansion in mobile commerce. Many users started off using mobile gadgets to research items before buying them later via their laptops and desktops. This was because they were uncertain of mobile commerce security, there weren't many mobile version of sites available and smartphone screens were too miniscule to make it comfy to navigate an online site nicely.

However with smartphone screens rocketing in size, mobile security getting more clear and more sites that provide mobile friendly versions, the mobile commerce train doesn't look like its due to make any stops soon.

Convenience Of Facebook
No long ago, ecommerce gurus were pronouncing that selling on Facebook would fail because folk go on Facebook to socialise and not to buy. Statistics now show that 25 percent of Facebook users would shop on Facebook. Facebook has become one huge online mall where you can catch up with pals, enjoy a video or 10 and buy at your favourite store because it is so convenient to do so. Convenience has traditionally been the spine of ecommerce and it's actually obvious on Facebook commerce.

With Facebook adding millions to its user base each year and twenty five percent of whom could be potential shoppers, Facebook commerce is sure to grow.

With this realisation, the important people in shopping cart have made social store applications for their merchants in order take advantage of this potential cash earner.

Granted, it still is early days for Facebook commerce but expansion has been steady. Though shopping on Facebook won't overtake standard online shopping shortly, it still has to be regarded seriously as a decent avenue for sales.

To sum up,
  • Make sure the shopping cart you subscribe to has both an app for Facebook commerce as well as mobile commerce
  • A quarter of Facebook users say they will shop on Facebook
  • Mobile commerce is growing faster than the screen sizes of smartphones



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