Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inspire Your Own Business By Looking At Some Sample Logos

Starting your own business is not actually that complicated once you have everything planned out. When it comes to deciding what type of design layout and trademark design that you want to have, what better method to get some inspiration than by looking at some of the present sample logos of successful corporations. Here are some tips on what to keep an eye open for.

Brand Design Style

While there are such a lot of different logo design styles to consider, new businesses should not be overwhelmed or threatened just by having a look at them. The purpose of having a logo is to conceptualize what your company stands for. That includes what sort of services that you are providing and how straightforward you would like consumers to identify your logo with your company. Do you want a brand that is symbolic, graphical or textual? As an example, Nike's trademark is easily identifiable by the 'swoosh ' symbol while Microsoft's emblem is in text form making it easy-to-read. Then there's Apple's symbol which shows an image of a glossy apple that any person could recognise.

Color Scheme

New firms or exiting ones who wish to have a new trademark created or reconditioned should determine what kind of color palette to go for. Certain firms will have their fixed color scheme. For instance, the giant insurance corporation ING will always use orange as their first color. If you have a look at their HQ, you'll see that the whole building is painted orange in colour. Then there's the iconic McDonalds ' yellow 'M ' against a red background that anyone that loves junk food will go for. Identify what kind of color palette best represents your company.

Get Some Help

If you're not good at design work, you could always go looking for professional companies that provide corporate logo design. They're going to be in a position to help conceptualize a few trademark samples of your company for you to take a look at when you make them aware the details about your business. In fact , if you need some bespoke website templates to have a more professional look for your business site, you might also get that done properly saving you the effort of wasting time attempting to put it together by yourself .


So if you chance to need some inspiration, take a look at some sample logos first. If not, consider going for logo design services that will help you save time, money and energy while letting the professional designers handle all of the design work for you.

  • Have a good logo created to represent your business
  • Look for logo design services if you need help
  • Decide what is the logo design style that best suits you


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