Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Squeeze Page Optins The Sensible Way

When you are building an email list, locating great traffic and then having a squeeze page that really makes good conversions are your two biggest difficulties. The essential aspects all along the way are various and each will add to the ultimate success of your plan. First, you totally must be getting targeted traffic, and if not then all of your efforts will be hindered. Your list building campaigns will be misfiring and functioning at a high level of inefficiency. Once you have excellent traffic sources, after that your squeeze page has to do the rest. This article will cover just a couple of of the things you really should do if you want to realize the most from your list building efforts. When using seo software similar to SenukeX you will want to make sure you possess internet pages that will create gross sales or email opt-ins.

The most important steps you can take on any new squeeze page, or site even, is to test and optimize for the greatest conversions. This is not tough in any sense of the word, and so you will get everything together very easily and get started. You can implement a simple A/B split test by making use of a URL rotator script that will alternately present two different versions of the very same page. Needless to say you have to see what is taking place, and you do that by keeping track of the clicks. The first component you need to test is your squeeze page headline. When you are happy with results, then you simply proceed to test one other element which could be your copy. So you can see how uncomplicated this is, but it is very effective because you can get the finest conversions you possibly can with it.

Needless to say you know that you must provide something in trade for their contact information. You can effectively view this part as one of your most powerful persuasive components for attaining new subscribers. Your lead magnet must provide solid value to your prospective subscribers who are your target audience. You can offer them a video, an ebook, a whitepaper or any combination that truly answers some questions they want to have answered. Do something varied with it so they will not likely think they can quickly find the information for free on the net. Inform them what it can do for them in whatever terms you believe will have an appeal. You can furthermore help your conversion rates by using a picture that also includes the power of your offer.

Let's mention your optin box for a minute because there are important elements that can have either a positive or negative effect. Find a pleasing and eye catching button graphic image to use for the submission link. The standard submit buttons used aren't very extraordinary to say the least. Be a little innovative and think of something more attention getting for the image text. You want it to be completely different but also help to reinforce what people are getting. However, do stay away from using flashing, jumping or otherwise moving buttons that only are likely to create a relatively unprofessional impact.


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