Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Niche Finder - Assessing A Popular KEYWORD Application

If you are an online marketer, you probably know how important it is to do market research properly. This is quite crucial so that you can find the best niches and have internet sites that rank well in the search engines. You will soon come to understand how much actual time and analysis is involved in finding the best keywords. This is why keyword tools are needed to assist with this but many of those available either give you too little data or more than you really want. As a result, when Brad Callen came out with his Niche Finder software, he took this into mind and integrated some of the following capabilities.

Brad Callen's Niche Finder software is designed to make keyword research easier just as all of his tools aspire to simplify internet marketing tasks. To be able to quickly locate and evaluate your keyword details are a major issue you'll experience when trying to select keywords. This tool sets all that you need in one straightforward interface so that you are not continuously moving from one page to another which can be annoying and keep you from spending more time in actually marketing your sites and making money.

After entering the first keyword, Niche Finder provides easy to grasp results. For instance, there are many factors involved in knowing how easy it is to compete with the sites on the front page of Google for a particular keyword search. Backlinks and page ranking are examples of what you ought to take account of and fortunately this tool really does make this process much easier. You're presented with a color-coded report on keywords that helps you determine precisely how hard you will have to work to obtain good results with your particular search term.

In respect of the results displayed, it is possible to see some of the essential data you will need such as global and local search numbers and the total number of sites within Google competing for the certain keyword terms. If you are already interested in niche marketing you may have your own personal ideas of what these numbers ought to be and so you can still assess these depending on your own standards. If you are someone who is building Adsense sites, you'll be happy to know that the software also gives you the cost per click numbers to help you make the most possible money from your site.

One feature that will really help you save much more time is the domain availability columns beside each keyword. The benefits of using exact match domains to boost site rankings are well known but, sadly, in most cases you can only find available internet addresses by performing a manual search at a registrar. Because you can see which .com, .net, and .org domains are available you may get your work done that much sooner. It can even give you other suggestions when those exact match domain names are not obtainable.

Niche Finder is a wonderful keyword tool for Internet marketers and is an excellent value considering how much time and funds you can save by using it.

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