Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Can't Master Internet Marketing Until You Become a Good Communicator

Internet marketing can be overwhelming, especially when you are new and merely beginning to learn about the field. As you sort through information in articles and online forums, you'll find all sorts of lists featuring "how you too can be the next big thing!" All of these lists are going to seem to negate each other. One will say that you need to be patient if you wish to be the next big thing. Business savvy is another claim frequently made by these lists. Still, another will say that creativity is what will get you ahead. And, as can be expected, there are going to be scores of sales pages claiming they have the software or course to teach you how to be the next big thing.

Here's what's true: All of these things matter (okay, maybe not the software program, but the other things). You have to have patience, business savvy and creativity if you wish to be a success. Obviously, if you are not able to intelligibly communicate with customers and clients, none of the rest of it will actually matter.

Good communication means more than merely creating a terrific sales page. You can find a highly skilled copywriter to take care of that for you. A beautiful site and extensive FAQ are not what you need for effective communication. A seasoned web site designer and writer can take care of those things. Being a good communicator calls for learning to handle interpersonal communication as well as your copy and site. How do you get that?

1. Respond to each and every email you get within 24 hours of it arriving in your inbox. This isn't a joke. Your response doesn't need to be lengthy. All you need to do is compose a quick message that says something like "I got your e-mail and will be sending you a detailed answer shortly." Try to include a snippet that references something the the other person has written. This tells the person that you really go through every email you got and are not an auto responder.

2. Pick up the phone. It's not a good idea to screen your calls. Try to answer the phone by the third ring. Do this even if you REALLY don't want to talk to the person on the other end. You'll be glad to know that there is, nonetheless, an exemption to this rule. You don't need to answer your phone around the clock. What you should do is specify clear business hours during which you can answer the phone. These hours should be displayed prominently on your web site and stated in your voice mail message as well. And, of course, each person who leaves a message deserves a call back.

3. Check in with people to be certain that your messages and emails have actually been received. This indicates to the individual that you value him or her. You'll endear yourself further with the people you work with and who purchase from you if you ask them if they have any questions and check to be sure that they understood the points you were trying to make.

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