Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crucial Strategies On How To Lower Your Costs By Half - Make Use Of A Virtual Assistant

I keep hearing the term "Virtual Assistant" but I don't truly understand what it is? It's a question I hear constantly, folks immediately think virtual equals sitting on the recliner watching television while billing a client for hours. Unfortunately, when clients hire a Virtual Assistant, they actually expect to see a finished project before they pay for the bill, they're funny that way!

It’s the term "virtual" that puts folks off. All that virtual means is the fact that the VA operates from their home office rather than your workplace, in this way you save money since you don't need to supply space, furniture or equipment.

That is quite a savings when you consider how much the three of those together may cost. The next question that folks ask is "how do I talk to my VA?"

VA's operate from their home office, not outer space! You, the client decide what the best communication method is for you personally - phone, IM, email. If any unexpected emergency comes up, your VA will tell you this and they'll have a plan set up.

I understand all of the above but a VA can't possibly achieve everything that my in-house assistant is able to do! Why not! VA's provide specialty services like public relations, marketing, bookkeeping, recruiting, legal, web design plus the typical admin jobs - calendar management, customer care, transcribing, correspondence, looking into prices, providing supplies and answering the telephone. A VA can accomplish in 4 hours what an in-house assistant may take eight hours to finish. The one thing that a VA can't do is help to make coffee and file - however they can transform your workplace into a paperless office!

The wonderful thing about VA's is the fact that there is one available for every business, all you've got to do is find a virtual assistant who's perfect for you. Most business owners, who hire a virtual assistant, end up staying with them!


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