Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Your Small Business Will Need Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization’s (SEO) value for small companies has been overlooked and misunderstood. Utilizing search engine optimization is the way of presenting websites to major search sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Contact details and the company’s business hours are the basic information that are usually posted on small businesses’ websites in order for prospective buyers to be aware when to visit the actual store. In order to get a great deal of sale, most small business owners use simple approaches on tweaking their websites. The benefits of search engine optimization will be discussed after a brief introduction.

Understanding Web Optimization

Making your website show often on search engines requires three tasks:
  1. Creating contents attractive to search engines;
  2. To setup your website to be asy to use by visitors.
  3. To get other internet sites web link to your website;

Search engines like sites that are linked to by many other sites because inbound links indicate that a site is popular. The best ways to get links to your site are asking other sites to link to you by contacting a webmaster through the contact form on his/her site, writing articles at sites such as that allow other sites to reprint your articles as long as they include a link back to your site, and creating good content that naturally makes sites want to link to you.

It is pretty hard to request for links because your request might only be viewed as spam by webmasters and only few are being honored via a telephone call. Did you know that writing articles for article directories has a drawback? It because of people using your content without giving you credit (plagiarizing and stealing your work). Although there is no known disadvantage to inviting people to link to your website, it is still very difficult to persuade people to link to your site. An example of a good link builder is Wordtracker, it can be found at

Writing search engine friendly copy entails using relevant keywords in meta-tags and copy. An illustration, if you own a coffee shop in Perth, WA you would want to be certain that your copy includes the keywords “coffee shop Perth, WA” as compared to just the words “coffee shop.” An excellent book on writing search engine optimized copy for websites can be found on the site Word Tracker.

The Benefits of Web Optimization

By utilizing the power of search engine optimization, customers will find you on the web. Running a coffee shop in Perth, WA, Australia is an example. Obviously most people will visit the coffee shops nearby because of their accessibility. However, there are also thousands of new people moving to the city or visiting it every week who look for coffee shops and other local attractions online. The chances for your website to appear on the first pages of search engine sites will be low if you only use “Perth, WA coffee shop” for the keywords. One way to make sure that your site will appear on search listing is by using search terms such as “coffee shop Scarborough Beach Road, Perth, WA” or “coffee shop Perth, WA Innaloo area.”

More or less, small companies of today uses search engine techniques to draw more customers to visit their local business online. Utilizing the techniques above can improve your profit margin even if you only attract a few extra new customers a month. Look at SEO Perth to learn more. Document: mcpmhk21


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