Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is Search Engine Optimization or Social Networks Less Significant For Online Presence And Web Site Development Today

Organic ranking, backlinks Web success is built out of these terms or so search engine optimization experts would lead you to believe. Are they correct?

LinkedIn Profiles and other social media ideas encompass the greatest share of importance according to social media marketers. This is where the right answer is found at, right?

According to what I think?

You bet.

Perhaps that doesn’t really sound like I answered your question, but I did. What’s more SEO and social networking shouldn’t really be treated as two separate entities if you really want to get the most out of these systems.

Take this article you are reading for example. It is specifically targeted to my blog with a niche keyword focus. There are Twitter and FaceBook buttons at the top of my blog which I will click once it is posted so that I can share the new article with my readers. After that I could consider making a video or podcast from the information.

The more I do to build an audience through social vehicles for my article the better the ranking that Google and other search engines will place upon it. Including the ability to leave comments enhances the entire process generating yet greater exposure.

I believe many people are led to believe that Internet Marketing is easy. Creating a Twitter or FaceBook account really isn’t that difficult.

So what is the hard part?

Keeping all those silly plates spinning at the same time can be downright mind boggling.

Therefore, in my opinion I believe both search engine optimization and social networking are equally important on the Web. Won’t you share your thoughts with me?

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