Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buying An Android?

Over the past few years the iphone has dominated the marketplace, however Google have developed the Android device which is a free, open source mobile operating-system.
The Android’s completely new ideas and technology makes it a popular rival to the iphone and with a sale price of nearly 1 / 2 of that of the iphone an unbeatable buy too!
Including software which will help create and develops applications using the ‘Java’ script framework, the Android is additionally a far more user-friendly device.
Browsing the web is additionally quicker. Instead of the I phone which operates the Safari browser, android devices operate on a google browser, making surfing the net faster and safer.
Created in 2008, the flytouch 3 market continues to grow and develop and there are now reported to be greater than 250.000 applications available. New applications and games are being produced on a daily basis to contend with the iphone applications.
The Android is a hot favourite for many mobile device software developers on account of it being ‘open source’. This essentially means that the platform is being developed and supported by more than one company instead of being created by just one,thus producing better and faster results.
Because of so many different developers working continually on the computer software programmes, fresh applications are increasing daily and in 2010 the Android market produced more than 110.000$ in revenue.
All Android devices feature an excellent camera and video camera along with simple to use txt messaging, access to the internet and the capability to download and listen to music. The malata zpad t8 device is really worth checking out as a rival to the iphone and boasts a far inexpensive price tag too!
Even though the iphone currently has a larger share of the market, the Android is fast gaining pace and it won’t be long until the Android is head to head with the iphone in both applications, games and development.


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